Bear Valley

Today I set off to go on a bike ride and walk/hike at Point Reyes.

I loaded my mountain bike on my Hollywood Racks bike rack and set off for the Bear Valley visitors center which was a little over an hour away.


The drive out there was quite scenic.

Once I arrived at the Bear Valley Visitors center I went in to get a map of the area and scout the trail I was going to take.  I decided to take the Bear Valley Trail -> Coastal Trail, this is a trail i’ve been on several times before and I knew it wouldn’t be a long trail.


The trail is about a 3.3 mile bike ride, from there you have to park your bike (bring a bike lock, there’s bike racks) and then walk the remaining .9 or so miles down the coastal trail.

I set off on the ride and the scenery was beautiful.  I started my ride at a little past 11:00am


about half way on the ride when you get to the peak of a hill you’ll find a nice rest area with restrooms, from here its a nice fun downhill ride to the bike rack.


the roads were a little damp and so mud was on me and the bike.


From here I parked and locked my bike and set off on a nice walk.


The scenery was beautiful, I was half tempted to bring my “real” camera but didn’t, maybe i’ll go back and get some more photos.


At some points on the road there was some standing water, some muddy areas, and I did slip (didn’t fall) a few times.


I was able to get this nice pano once the trees cleared.


finally I saw what I came for.. the ocean.  The clouds were perfect letting just the right amount of light in.


I reached this point at about 12:00pm.  I didn’t want to keep going all the way to the beach, this was enough as I still had to walk/ride back.  Although it took me about an hour to get here it did feel like it took longer.

I made it back to my car at about 1:30pm and even though it took me more time to get back it seemed like shorter.

All in all according to my handy Apple Watch, I took 10,345 steps and my total distance was 5.3 miles (I don’t think this accounted for some of the riding and I did walk/push my bike back for a while).  I’d estimate that I rode 6.7 miles and walked 5.3 miles.

Some things to consider when coming.

  • The weather was about 54 degrees today.  I wore sweats out there but ended up taking my sweatpants off and just wearing shorts.
  • Pack some snacks, I had plenty of water, some oranges, and some clif bars.
  • Bring a bike lock to lock your bike at the bike rack.
  • bring some napkins, my bike kicked mud all over my water bottle.
  • I forgot to bring my knife, and although I didn’t see any wild animals I sure which I had brought it “just in case”.
  • wear some comfortable walking shoes
  • there’s no cell phone service out there so make sure you tell someone where you are prior to starting your walk.

Find your lost items in seconds…


I recently purchased several of these TrackR Bravo devices online after hearing great things about them.

They use Crowd GPS technology (to learn more about Crowd GPS click Here) and have a tone/ringer, phone finder app for google play or the app store, and separation alerts.

I’ve placed these nifty devices in and on several of my items, bicycle, backpack, vehicle, keys, etc.  The battery life is fairly good, I have had to replace one battery about 2 months after purchasing and using the TrackR Bravo.


If you’d like to order some you can get them online here